On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of AFRICAN UNION, we are pleased to welcome you to AFRICA INVESTMENT FORUM 2015!

AIF is Africa´s Leading B2G & B2B trade show and organized in cooperation with



Welcome Notes

  • Dr. Anthony Mothae Maruping

    Dr. Anthony Mothae Maruping
    Commissioner for Economic Affairs

Speaker of 2014

  • Dr. Christian Schindler

    Dr. Christian Schindler
    International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)

  • Mr. Yohannes Tilhaun

    Mr. Yohannes Tilhaun
    Agricultural Transformation Agency

  • Mr. Nicolas Teisseyre

    Mr. Nicolas Teisseyre
    Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

  • Linus Wamanya

    Linus Wamanya
    Vision Group

  • Dr. Mahmoud Solh

    Dr. Mahmoud Solh

  • Dr. Unho Choi

    Dr. Unho Choi

  • Mr. Yohannes Assefa

    Mr. Yohannes Assefa

    Stalwart Management Consultancy PL

  • Mr. Uwe Behm

    Mr. Uwe Behm

    Messe Frankfurt GmbH

  • Mr. Finn Holm-Olsen

    Mr. Finn Holm-Olsen

    USAID East Africa Trade Hub; AGOA Trade Advisor

  • Mr. JC Mazingue

    Mr. JC Mazingue

    Textile Expert and Adivisor to USAID East Africa Trade Hub

  • Mr. Jaswinder Bedi

    Mr. Jaswinder Bedi

    African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF)

  • Costantinos BT Costantinos

    Dr. Costantinos BT Costantinos

    Professor, AAU

  • Chalimba C. Phiri

    Mr. Chalimba C. Phiri
    Chairperson, COMESA RIA

  • Mohamud Khalif

    Mr. Mohamud Khalif
    Firma: ICIEC of the Islamic Development Bank

  • Jose Chinjamba

    Mr. Jose Chinjamba
    Fa. Angola National Investment Agency (ANIP)

  • Abdulkadir HASSAN

    Mr. Abdulkadir HASSAN
    ZH Energy Ltd.

  • Vivian Kayitesi

    Ms. Vivian Kayitesi, Head of Investment Promotion and Implementation
    Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

  • Sadeeq Garba Shehu

    Mr. Sadeeq Garba Shehu
    African Union Commission

  • Nassirou Ba

    Mr. Nassirou Ba
    Economic Commission for Africa

  • Soteri Gatera

    Mr. Soteri Gatera
    United Nations Economic Commission

  • Giovanni Valensisi

    Mr. Giovanni Valensisi

  • Mulu Solomon

    Mrs. Mulu Solomon
    President, Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce  & Sectoral Associations

  • Betru Haile

    Mr. Betru Haile
    Ministry of Mines


at the Expo Area, through Private Matching or at the high level conference

african business


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Africa today

  • $1.6 trillion
    Africa’s collective DGP in 2008,
    roughly equal to Brazil’s or Russia’s
  • $860 billion
    Africa’s combined consumer spending in 2008
  • 316 million
    the number of new mobile phone
    subscribers signed up in Africa since 2000
  • 60%
    Africa’s share of the world’s total amount of uncultivated, arable land
  • 52
    the number of African cities with
    more than 1 million people each
  • 20
    the number of African companies
    with revenues of at least $3 billion

Africa tomorrow

  • 2.6 trillion
    Africa’s collective GDP in 2020
  • $1.4 trillion
    Africa’s consumer spending in 2020
  • 1.1 billion
    the number of Africans of working age in 2040
  • 128 million
    the number of African households with disdretionary income in 2020
  • 50%
    the portion of Africans living in cities by 2030